The Company was created in 2011 by a team of ambitious young people headed by Vasyl Chamor. By that time most of them had had a considerable experience in the field of procurement and processing wild berries, but rekindled dreams of making a difference quality-wise and dedicating towards higher production standards compared to other local companies working in this field. Business began with a small production facility which was made up of a single refrigerating chamber and a fast-frozen food storage of a decent size, but thanks to the concerted effort of the Team the business began to grow fast.

In 2013 the Company was certified organic for the first time and has confirmed its organic status on a yearly basis ever since. In 2018 we passed HACCP, ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 22000:2005 audits. The feather in our cap is being acknowledged by Naturland since 2013 until present.

At this point in time two powerful production lines for electronic berry sorting are in use at our facility. With cutting-edge equipment and professional teamwork, the Company manufactures up to 30 tons of IQF produce a day.
Top-grade products with a fine regard for detail

Consumer demand and quality expectations for products continue to steadily increase. We are proud to offer organic options and be one of the market leaders in terms of quality.

We take pride in our product and upholding our name. We strive to supply consistent high quality and flavorful berries, mushrooms and nuts for your business to prosper.
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The collection area is vast and covers four districts: Zhytomyr, Khmelnytsk, Rivne and Volyn.

Among other services we provide, we take the effort to stock up wild blueberries from the Carpathian region for customers with specific needs, such as low Becquerel and high-in-anthocyanin berries.

Freshly picked berries make their way to the production facility within 4 hours after pickup and go through pre-chill corridor at -5℃. This done, the product goes to the refrigerating chamber where it stays for 20 hours at a temperature of -35℃. From here on it's moved into the freezer room at -22-25℃ where it's stored until time comes for calibration, sorting and packing at -7℃

Through a spiral conveyor where waste and stems are removed from the berry, the produce goes into the fanning mill, calibrator (if needed) and then gets smoothed and electronically cleaned. Our hallmark is a unique tailor-made photographic separator with 16 color-video cameras insuring 3600 viewability of the berries processed, with a productivity rate of 2.5 tons per hour. Onward the product goes through quality control line where it's being further inspected both by eye and manually, passes the magnetic tape and is then transported to a storage container where it's automatically weighed and packed according to preset parameters. At this point radiation check measurements and spot checkups take place to ensure the quality of the product corresponds to the specification. Prior to being placed on a pallet, each bag or carton passes a metal detector which is inspected for accuracy three times a day.

As of today, at Amethyst Ole's disposal there are 3 freezing chambers with a total capacity of 40 tons and 2 storage chambers where up to 700 tons of produce can be stored at the same time. Our production capacity allows to manufacture up to 30 tons of frozen produce on a daily basis.

Since 2011, we have been committed to supplying high quality produce. It has taken years of research and development to establish best practices and sustain a successful supply program. We have learned along the way, and for that, we believe it has made us better specialists.
We are committed to using the industry's best practices in every phase of production. As part of this commitment, we constantly strive for the highest domestic and international certification standards
in the food industry.

Food safety and product quality are the two most important factors in growing, collecting and processing our fresh berries, mushrooms and nuts. From the field and forest to harvesting and through production, Amethyst Ole strives to assure food safety standards and effective tracking of both its organic and conventional products.
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Customer service is our new marketing
  • Lidiia Mizina
    Account Manager
    Lidiia is the lead point of contact for all customer account management matters. She assists with challenging client requests and ensures the timely and successful delivery of solutions according to our customers' needs and objectives.
  • Tetiana Rudenko
    Business Development Manager
    Tetiana is the person who draws up client contracts and makes sure the company keeps abreast of trends and changes in the business world. She negotiates pricing with customers, has a good understanding of our products and services and eagerly advises others about them.
  • Vasyl Chamor
    Chief Operating Officer
    Vasyl invented our company. He assesses and implements improved processes and new technologies, oversees daily operations of the company, driving the company's operating capabilities to surpass customer satisfaction and retention as well as company goals.
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